Pump Station, Headworks, and Blower Building Project
120 Logans Ferry Road,
New Kensington, PA 15068
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Fax 724.335.8289
December 2007

Driving the sheet piling for the raw sewage pump station (RSPS)
Driving sheet piling for the pump station
Sheet piling in place for pump station
February 2008

Pre-excavation for pump station
Ramp for equipment to get into pump station site for excation
Shot of Pre-excavation activities

Forming the compression ring for concrete pouring
Pumper truck used to fill the compression ring
Compression ring concrete pour

Covering concrete pour
April 2008

First concrete pour complete in pump station
Earth ramp for excavator
Misc. debris found during excation

Boulders being excavated from site for pump station
Dewatering during excavation
Excavation continued

Rebar being brought into excavation site
June 2008

All concrete rings in place for pump station - final depth is 50 feet
Concrete bucket being lowered into excavation site
Excavating center trench for wet well channel

Center trench for wetwell and formwork for base slab
Rebar layed over center trench
Lifting D4 Dozer out

Beginning of rebar and formwork for pump station
August 2008

Intake Pipe Sleves (1), Dry well foundation (2)
Continue to build pump station building, facing the north wall
Pump Station construction

Wetwell chamber on left
Utility Trench around Pump Station
October 2008

Pump Station construction
Pumper truck lowered for concrete pour
Rebar for Pump Station construction

Wetwell construction
Waterproofing the wall of the pump station
December 2008

Pouring concrete into forms for Pump Station construction
Influent Chamber (sewer lines enter wetwell)
Odor Control Pipe (1), Well Point for dewatering (2), Manhole (3)
February 2009

Cutting sheet piling off below grade
Influent chamber, manhole, well point, and odor control pipe area back filled
Pump Station construction

Flow meter being installed
Lowering the prefabricated stairs into place
Raw sewage pumps before installation

Bar screen
Bar screen being lifted
April 2009

Steel frame of pump station building being installed
Frame construction
Pump station building

Exhaust ductwork inside the Pumping Station
Pumps for hydraulic gates before installation
Bases in place for Raw Sewage Pumps

Raw Sewage Pump in place
Serpentine conveyor
Suction lines being installed

Basement of Grit Building
Grit Cell Concentrators
Grit Cell being constructed

Grit concentrators being offloaded and installed
Grit Building during construction
Grit building during construction (2)

Electrical equipment in basement
Grit snail - conveyor
Grit pump (1 of 3)

Grit channel

Blower Building Excavation - Looking NE
Pile cap blankets at site of new Blower Building
Pile caps at site of new Blower Building

Temporary airline at aeration tank next to site of new Blower Building
Blower Building partway through construction; Aeration tank in front
Cable Tray carrying cables to Blower Building

Air line leaving Blower Building
Blower Building roof fans before installation
Roof of Blower Building

Blower Building - installed roof fans
Blower Building discharge piping
Blower Building Electrical Room during construction

Non-Potable building during construction
Non-Potable building during construction
Roof of Non-Potable building

Non-potable pumps
Strainer in Non-Potable building

Electrical Substation Pre-Fabricated building being delivered
Electrical Substation before final placement
Preparing Electrical Substation for lift and placement

Electrical Substation being lifted up in air
Moving Electrical Substation for final placement
Moving Electrical Substation

Electrical Substation set into place
Electrical Substation Left, Emergency Generator Building Right
Interior view of Electrical Substation

Electrical Substation vault cable entrance
Sub-base for the transformer pads, next to Electrical Substation
One one two Emergency Generators

Bypass piping being installed
One of twelve Pumps for use during construction
Bypass pipes during construction

Bypass pipes during construction
Temp orary bridge for bypass pumps
Temporary Bypass piping

Old pipe removed for replacement
Old Raw Sewage Pipe
Four foot diameter drill bit

Core drilled using four foot drill bit
Concrete pourer
Tinted concrete poured over utility lines

Metal railings for use around site, before unwrapping
Screen shot of SCADA system used for whole MSANK site