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Office and Garage Building Project

The Office and Garage Building Project involves construction of a new administrative office building and a garage/laboratory/locker room building. These facilities are being relocated to accommodate the Phase II wastewater treatment plant upgrade project. Project construction activities began in July 2015 and be complete by the end of 2016.

Pump Station, Headworks, and Blower Building

The Headworks and Blower Building Project consists of construction of a new headworks and secondary aeration blower system for the MSANK wastewater treatment plant. The MSANK wastewater treatment plant services a combined sewer collection system and is fed through an existing 15.5 MGD raw water pumping station. The secondary treatment portion of the plant treats 6.0 MGD of flow with 9.5 MGD of flow receiving primary treatment and disinfection prior to blending with the final effluent from the plant. Concern for safety of plant personnel due to degrading conditions in the existing pumping station necessitated replacement of the current pumping station. Conceptual planning expanded the project to address anticipated Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) requirements for the portion of the plant ahead of the primary settling basin and replacement and relocation of the secondary aeration blowers. This project includes construction of new 30.0 MGD raw water pump station; a new primary screening system; new grit removal facility; new odor control facility; new dual source electrical service; new plant-wide SCADA system; and new plant-wide non-potable and potable water systems.

Completed 2010


Valley Camp Pump Station

The Valley Camp Pump Station Pump Replacement Project involved the replacement of the vertically driven shaft pumps and drives with two new dry-pit submersible pumps and variable frequency drives. Each newly installed pump is rated at ten horse power with a flow capacity of approximately 400 gallons per minute (sufficient enough to handle both dry weather and wet weather flows to the station). The station was also integrated into the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to enable the authority to more effectively monitor the station remotely from the treatment.

Interceptor Rehabilitation Projects

In 2011, MSANK rehabilitated 2,200 feet of the Pucketa Creek Interceptor along Stevenson Boulevard in the City of New Kensington. The project consisted of cured in place lining of 1,900 feet of pipe and excavating and replacing and additional 350 feet of pipe. In the fall of 2012, an adjacent sewer segment, approximately 192 feet in length, was excavated and replaced. The two projects were completed with much success and the interceptor has shown marked improvement both in terms of structural integrity and reducing unwanted stream infiltration into the system.